You can get a kit at the local shops, but the quality and quantity of the parts are limited. If you intend to install it yourself, you can check out different online stores to compare prices, as well as to find other information that will help you with the installation. 

When you’re ready to go solar, be prepared with a Solar Panel. You’ll need to have at least one and ideally two – one for the house and one for the garden.

You’ll find that solar panels are very portable and easy to set up. One of the biggest benefits is that they can be powered by either a battery or even from the sun. There are several types of panels that are more suited to specific applications.

Solar thermal panels are used to heat water. This is especially useful if you’re currently using an open fireplace.

Photovoltaic solar panels use light from the sun to produce electricity. These panels are also popular in rural areas because you don’t have to connect them to the mains.

Solar-thermal panels rely on light for the heat. Photovoltaic panels are good in low lighting situations and do not require wiring to the mains.

A solar panel can be as small as a table or can be large enough to cover your entire roof. The size of the panel that you choose will depend on the amount of energy that you wish to harvest.

If you want to avoid worrying about the upkeep of the panel, it’s possible to build your own solar panel. However, you will need some tools and the time to build it.

Since the costs of building a solar panel can be quite high, you might consider buying one. Look out for these things:

How to build a solar panel – will depend on your budget. There are many designs for kits and manuals that can guide you through the process. If you have money to spare, get hold of a DIY manual since you will need the help of an electrician.

There are two types of solar panels, namely metal-insulated and those that are made of plastic. The solar panels made of plastic are considered better because they have a higher resistance to the sunlight, as opposed to the metal-insulated ones.

Before you buy your solar panels, make sure that you measure all the dimensions accurately. It’s also advisable to read all the safety precautions first before you buy one.