Most people have resolved to go for green and renewable energy and this has caused an increase in the installation of solar power systems. Ideally, the solar panels will capture the sunlight and convert it into electricity. With the advance in technology, it is not possible to have the power stored in batteries. Tesla Powerwall 2 is one of the best options that can help in the storage of energy from solar power. Tesla is a reputable company and they have been producing quality products and solutions through the years. We are professional experts and we will be happy to help you with the setup and installation of your solar system with a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery.
We are your local certified installers of Tesla Powerwall, and with our experience, you can trust us to do an excellent job. We have been in the business for a couple of decades and we have provided our clients with amazing solutions. If you experience frequent power outages, you can use this energy storage solution to maximize your solar power. This gives you independence from the main power grid and you can be sure to have electricity in your home at all times. Our team of experts will customize the installation so as to ensure that your needs are met in the right manner. Contact us today and we will be happy to give you a quote for our Tesla Powerwall 2 installation.

Why the Tesla Powerwall 2 Is Right for You

Powerwall 2 is the best energy storage system for you and it comes with excellent capabilities. Each system is able to hold up to 13.5 kilowatt-hours, As such, when you come to us, we will evaluate your needs so that we can establish how many storage units would be adequate for your needs. The Powerwall 2 comes with an inverter that will convert the direct current into AC power, which can be used in your home. As such, most of your appliances and gadgets can be powered and you can use them normally.

There are many advantages of having the Tesla Powerwall 2 battery installed. This will capture and hold solar energy for later use. This is not an ordinary battery as it has the capacity to handle more loads, which is convenient for most homes and businesses. When the solar panels capture the energy from the sun, it is used in your home and the excess energy will be stored in the Powerwall. When the battery is fully charged, the excess energy is sent back to the grid. The moment the solar panels are not able to draw energy from the sun, your home will be powered by the energy from the battery.

Get a Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery

If you would want to have energy stored for later use, the Tesla Powerwall 2 is the right option for you. We are the best experts for the installation of this system and we are ready to serve you. Contact us for more information and to get a free quote.