We are the leading experts in the installation of solar shingles in Las Vegas. Our company has been in the business for a couple of years and we can provide new installation and retrofit services as well. Everyone is striving to go the solar way and there is no better way than having a solar roof. Rather than having solar panels installed, you can choose solar shingles for your roof. Las Vegas is mostly sunny throughout the year and as such, you can capture most of the sun’s energy and convert it to solar power. With our professionally-installed solar shingles, we will help you reduce your energy bills in a significant manner.
There are different types of solar shingles on the market and our mission is to give you the best. Our team of experts will look for the right solutions that will ensure that are getting as much energy from the sun as possible. The overall price of solar installation has continued to drop and more homes and businesses are choosing to use solar power. This is what solar shingles have also started to become popular gradually. We are professional experts and we will help you make the comparison between the traditional solar panels and solar shingles. Get in touch with us and we will help you pick the right solar shingles.

Integrated Solar Roof

As you may be aware, the amount of electricity that you can generate will depend on how much sunlight you can capture. With solar shingles being on your roof, there is a higher chance of getting adequate solar power for your home. We have experts who will inspect your roof and look for ways to integrate the solar shingles. If your roof is dilapidated, it may be convenient to replace it with solar shingles. For new roofing projects, you can choose the areas you would want to have solar shingles installed. Our work will be to ensure that the roof is intact and the structural integrity of the roof is sound.

We are aware that there are no two homes which are similar. As such, our experts will find ways to provide customized roofing services, with solar shingles. We have advanced technology and equipment that make it easier for us to personalize the services that we offer. Solar shingles are affordable and quite efficient as opposed to the solar panels. You are able to get more energy generated, which means that the overall energy bills in your home will reduce drastically. You can have most of your electrical appliances powered by the solar energy generated. We are a company that you can trust to deliver the best solar shingles and we can handle any residential or commercial roofing project.

Get Affordable Solar Shingles

We are pleased to offer affordable solar solutions for homes and businesses. For a couple of years, we have been installing solar shingles in Las Vegas. Get in touch with us today and we will be glad to give you a free estimate.