Your home is protected and equipped with solar panels, but your panels can be a home for unwanted guests too. Most solar panel owners main problem through time is the maintenance of checking always under the panels if they are infested by birds and other animals. But luckily, La Solar have the most effective and efficient solution for that problem.
A simple solution is all it takes to keep birds and rodents nesting under you panels and that is through installation of bird netting. La Solar bird netting is installed together with your solar panels. These solar panel bird prevention is designed to keep birds and rodents away and block them from nesting under the panels. These are weather resistant that provides no damage to your solar panels neither to your roofs.

Have your investment secured with solar bird netting in La Solar today and have a worry free life. For queries and clarifications, you can dial our company today through our mobile hotline number. Be one of our satisfied clients today!

What is the problem?

Rooftops are ideal places for birds, to nest and roost. Your solar panels provide protection from the hot sun or from windy days and are also a convenient hiding spot to protect birds from predators. And making roofs even more inviting is the fact they offer birds a wonderful vantage point to perch from that is why having a roof with solar panel can be a good spot for these aviary friends. Once a bird makes its home on your roof, you can predict they will spend many seasons nesting under your panels. This may lead to damage or any other unforeseen incidents that would lead to possible damage of panels or not getting much energy.

The damage concurred

Having birds live and nest under your solar panels will cause extensive damage. First, the bird droppings and debris can damage the solar panels and make your panels work much less efficiently. Under the panels, the layers of waste and bird nests attract other rodents inviting them to shelter under the surface as well. These critters may chew through a solar panel’s electrical wiring that can mean electrical fires or panels malfunction. It is also important to think about the dozens of diseases that bird droppings can harbor, making diseases airborne on your home. Avoid these as early as solar panel installation and choose the best pigeon control company in Las Vegas today. Protect your investment and your family with La Solar Bird Netting.

Bird Proofing in La Solar

There are a number of bird proofing methods, however the most effective is to use a specially designed solar paneling bird proofing net in La Solar. Our solar proofing mesh provides protection from every type of pest birds. Our solar panel proofing is virtually invisible from the ground so no problems with aesthetics and design. As for your roofing, our bird nets can be installed without drilling and screwing preventing any damage and can be secured with clips that won’t scratch the panels.