Home Energy Monitor, Las Vegas

What’s home energy monitor? Basically, home energy monitor gives information on electrical energy use. This device may also display cost of energy used and calculates of greenhouse gas emissions. Home energy monitor helps the homeowners keep a close watch on the amount of energy they use, set targets and updates along the way.
Electricity consumption may be calculated by means of an inductive clamp mounted around the electrical main, through the electrical meter (either via an optical port, or through detecting the behavior of meters), through communicating with a smart meter, or through direct contact to the electrical device. The display section may be remote from the measurement, communicating with the sensor using a communications cable, network, power line, or radio. There are also online displays which allow the user to use an internet-connected display to show near real-time consumption. A means to reduced household energy use is to provide homeowners with a real-time input so that they can adjust their energy usage.

So, forget about running the house like a fool, switching the lights off. Because today, saving electricity at home is about to get a lot smarter than before. Sit back and relax! Our company’s home energy monitor is here to help you with the latest solutions for eco-friendly residential living. The great part? You won’t have to replace any of your appliances. We suggest that by enhancing your electrical panel, you can track and manage energy consumption across your entire home.

There are a few ways to get it done. With it, a wifi-connected device you can install in your electrical panel setup by our very own licensed electrician. With two clamp-on current sensors that are attached to your main service cables- the monitor then tracks your energy used down to the individual devices, classifying the devices based on power consumption. With our home energy monitor, it helps you track your energy use, that doesn’t require you to turn your devices at home on and off. The device comes with a tracking app for smartphones, which also offers notifications. To identify individual devices, the company uses an advanced machine-learning detection algorithm. The algorithm looks at emerging trends and combines it with current patterns of common devices. It also comes with a cool interface to show you which devices are on in real-time and timeline throughout the day.
The monitoring system’s main feature is the “Now” screen, which shows your current electricity usage and bubbles using electricity for each device. The bubbles are adjusted to power use, and will change overtime as more devices are picked up by the Wiser Home Energy Monitor. To see how much power the system has used overnight, you can dig into some of the bubbles.

It stands out as the most innovative model in the market and costs about the same as its main competitors. We expect that our wiser home energy monitor to continue to release more features focused at energy savings and smart home integration.