240 Volt Outlet for Electric Car

Electronic vehicles are becoming more popular because it is environmentally friendly as they reduce emissions that harm our environment. Many people nowadays start to ditch regular diesel and oil powered cars into electronic ones. Many drivers in Las Vegas have caught on to the electric vehicle movement, thanks to the great benefits they provide and if you’re considering it, you may wonder, can you plug an electric car into a regular 240 volt outlet?

Definitely a yes! Home charging on 240 volt outlets has made electric vehicles more extremely convenient. It can be your home, your friend’s home or anyone’s home. You can charge your EV overnight without worries and wake up with a fully charged EV the next day.

Electric outlet power provider

Are you worried that your outlet goes through inside your home? Is it hard to be reached by your EV? Fret no more because our company installs, supplies and maintains 240 volt outlets for residential and commercial needs. Most homes need a simple retrofit to support EV charging, specifically a 240 volt circuit and power outlet near where your car will park.

Our company electricians can successfully install electrical circuits for a 240 volt single phase AC. Future proof your home with our services today. We run wires from the service panel to a place where your charging station will be installed. Add power outlet to those wires and install the charging station. As simple as ABC but should be done by professionals only.

Safe and effective outlet installations in Las Vegas

As certified in volt outlets for electronic vehicles, we make it sure that our installation process is safe and follow meticulous steps in accordance to professional standards in electrical engineering. Our certified professional electricians can carry out any outlet installment with ease. Here are our safety steps to follow through:
Inspection of the service panel to determine whether there is spare capacity
Determine where the cars to be charged are parked. It is important to know the exact location to measure the distance between the outlet and the car properly.
Determine how many electric cars are in the household and how many are likely for the future
Determine how many of those electric cars will be charging simultaneously, and the charging rate
Plan for the electrical service capacity to handle charging the electric cars
Install charging stations attaching them to the newly installed wiring

Let La Solar install your home EV charging station

Be hassle free and speed up your EV charging at home when you have an EV charging station installation by La Solar! Our licensed electricians perform the electrical system upgrades your home needs to support fast EV charging as well as the installation of home EV charging outlets. Gain 180 miles of range over the eight-hour overnight charging period when you plug your EV into a 240v outlet.
Contact La Solae today to learn more. Have the best electronic vehicle experience in Las Vegas!